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Indirect Dealer Locations

EDCOM has established relationships with several local auto dealers. Visit the credit union for your pre-approval on your next auto loan, and then visit these dealers to select the car of your choice.

Dodge Chrysler Jeep      
Dodge Chrysler Jeep      
Clyde Revord Motors      Pignataro Volkswagen
16413 West Main St.16610 Smokey Point Blvd.7900 Evergreen Way10633 Evergreen Way South
Monroe WA 98272Arlington WA 98223Everett WA 98203Everett WA 98204
(360)805-5500 (360)653-5664 (425)353-1170 (425)348-3141
Sims HondaSno-Country FordDwayne Lane's
1615 S. Goldenrod Rd.Main & 1175 Village WayFamily of
Burlington WA 98233   Monroe, WA 98272Auto Centers
(800)745-7467 (360)794-5200(888)444-LANE
www.simshonda.com   www.snocountryford.com    www.dwaynelane.com   

VISA Check Card

[VISA Check Card]
The VISA Check Card is a debit card plus an ATM card conveniently combined into one. The VISA Check Card allows you to access money from your checking account without ever writing a check. It's faster and easier than writing a check when you're making purchases. You'll find your VISA Check Card is the fast and easy way to pay; it's convenient, safe and it eliminates the need to carry cash. Purchases are deducted from your checking account and are detailed on your monthly statement. The Card is accepted wherever the VISA logo is displayed. To receive a VISA Check Card, a checking account is required. Call an account specialist at (425) 385-3888 and sign up today!



[Call 24 guy]]
It's new and improved and it's as easy as a touch of a button! Call-24, EDCOM's audio response system, has newly enhanced features including a rate line and loan payment calculator. Call-24 is available from any touch-tone phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's quick, simple and convenient to use. You can also use Call-24 to: 1) access account information on checking, savings, certificates, money market, loans and cross-accounts, 2) verify which checks have cleared your account, 3) transfer account balances, 4) make loan payments and much more! Call or stop by any branch to sign up for Call-24 access. For those members who already have a security code for Call-24, you can dial Call-24 directly at 1-800-247-7072, option 1.

ATM Cash & Deposit Locations

The following are a couple of useful sources as you are shopping or traveling that list by nearby state the locations where you'll avoid an ATM surcharge or locate a deposit-accepting ATM:
www.waleague.org (no-surcharge ATM locations)

Find no-surcharge ATM locations and ATM deposit locations at:
www.cnsclient.com/clientarea (no user name or password needed)


Enterprise Car Sales

[Enterprise Logo]
   In the market for a used car?
      Enterprise Car Sales.
      14825 Aurora Ave. N.
      Shoreline, WA 98133-6526

      For driving directions click here.

Previously Owned Vehicles

No vehicles available at this time.


Credit Unions for Kids

[CU for Kids Logo] EDCOM raises funds for Credit Unions for Kids, a charity organized to benefit local children's hospitals. Our fundraising proceeds go to Children's Hospital in Seattle, Washington. You can make donations year-round by purchasing See's chocolate bars at any branch for $1.00 each, or you can make donations during summer months by purchasing raffle tickets or Everett Aquasox tickets or during the winter months by purchasing Entertainment books ( www.entertainment.com -- use account #606057). To learn more about Credit Unions for Kids, visit their web site at http://www.cmn.org/cufk/index.htm.

Employment Opportunities

We currently have no positions available at this time.

If you are interested in serving on our Board or on the Supervisory Committee please contact Beth at (425)385-3888 extn 156 to obtain more information.

EDCOM Seminars

Watch this site for future seminars.

Turbo Tax Online

Turbo Tax Online
The easy way to do your taxes and get your refund fast.
[Turbo Tax logo]
Members can elect one of three tax solutions.
It's accurate, fast and secure.


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